Mold Making Facilities

Mold making facilities with advanced & synchronized investigation from top makers of Japan, Taiwan … and mold design team have profession training and much experience in high precision and completed mold project for Electronic & Automobile & Motorbike & Home Appliance Industries.

Mold Equipment Brand Model Name Quantity
 CNC Milling Machine  Makino PS65                       1
 CNC Milling Machine  Makino PS105                       1
 CNC Milling Machine  AKIRA SEIKI V2.5                       1
 CNC Milling Machine  AKIRA SEIKI SV 760                       1
 CNC Milling Machine  AKIRA SEIKI SV 1050                       1
 CNC EDM Machine  Sodick VL400Q                       1
 CNC Wirecut Machine  Makino EDGE 3                       1
 CNC Turning Machine  Mazak                       1